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United Neighborhoods™

United Neighborhoods graphic, houses on a street

Mile High United Way’s United Neighborhoods™ is advancing the common good.

Mile High United Way’s United Neighborhoods™ brings together the resources and services necessary to respond to the most pressing community issues and address the root causes of poverty to build long-lasting community change.

From helping families become financially stable and find affordable housing, to preparing children to enter school ready to learn and read, the needs of under-resourced communities in Metro Denver are many and varied.

Not every Metro Denver neighborhood has high performing schools, access to quality, affordable childcare and dependable, affordable transportation. When a neighborhood lacks these things, residents can feel like the odds are stacked against them.

Powered by collective impact, United Neighborhoods™ does more than help residents beat these odds: we will help change them.

Collective impact is not just a new term for collaboration. It is a fundamentally different, more disciplined approach to community change. Mile High United Way’s collective impact approach, United Neighborhoods™, is guided by data and research, and backed by our unique position at the intersection of the nonprofit, government, philanthropic and business communities.

Whether we are investing in early childhood education, supporting job training and creation, helping individuals meet their basic needs, advocating for systems-level change, or something else, Mile High United Way’s United Neighborhoods™ concentrates resources into highest-need neighborhoods in Metro Denver to address the needs of residents, create a stronger infrastructure, and build long-lasting, positive community change.

Learn more about Mile High United Way’s United Neighborhoods™ efforts.

For more information, contact Francisca Angulo-Olaiz, Ph.D.