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Tocqueville Society

The Currigans, Tocqueville members, wearing LIVE UNITED shirts

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Uniting the Philanthropic Efforts of Exceptional Individuals

The Tocqueville Society is a powerful group of philanthropic leaders who invest $10,000 or more annually in Mile High United Way. Approximately 400 households are members of the Tocqueville Society and invest more than $10 million in Mile High United Way’s work in our community. Members share a passion for investing in our community and making a difference – both personally and collectively.

“When we give to Mile High United Way we know that our money is making a difference.” – Ian Currigan, Director of Reporting and Marketing Accounting, DCP Midstream, and Tocqueville Society member since 2011

The Mile High United Way Tocqueville Society is named after the French author Alexis de Tocqueville who, in the 1800s, traveled extensively throughout the United States and wrote Democracy in America, a detailed study of society and politics. Tocqueville recognized and applauded the American desire to take a personal role in the advancement of society by combining philanthropy and government service.

The observation on philanthropy made by Alexis de Tocqueville in 1831 is true today. Americans understand that advancing the common good means creating opportunities for a better life for all.

Membership Benefits

Membership in Mile High United Way’s Tocqueville Society includes invitations to exclusive events that allow you to gain deep insight into community issues. View our membership brochure.

  • Community Conversations: speak with elected officials and business and community leaders about issues relevant to the Metro Denver community
  • National Network: join a national network of philanthropic leaders who are engaged locally to create long-lasting, positive community change
  • Personalized Philanthropic Advising: take advantage of Mile High United Way’s personalized professional advising to match your philanthropic interests with the causes you are most passionate about, and to ensure you are making the most impact with your investment
  • Exclusive Breakfasts: attend Tocqueville breakfasts to hear speakers who highlight thought-provoking corporate, political, and nonprofit issues, and network with influential leaders and top-level executives
  • Social Hour and Night Out Banquets: hosted by Tocqueville Ambassadors, social hours and night out banquets offer an opportunity to engage with long-time, new and prospective Tocqueville Society members at venues around the city
  • Personalized Tours of Program Sites: tour Mile High United Way program sites to learn more about how your philanthropic investment impacts lives
  • Volunteer Opportunities: participate in family-friendly volunteer opportunities that match your interests, availability, and expertise
  • Mentor Opportunities: become a career and philanthropic mentor for a member of the Emerging Leaders Council, a network of young professionals, ages 21 to 45

View the Mile High United Way Tocqueville Society Member Roster

Join our community by becoming a Tocqueville Society Member today! 
Contact Cori Deterding, Manager of Major Gifts, 
at 303.561.2347 or email Cori Deterding for more information.