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Tax Credit Program

Grow Your Gift Through Tax Credits

The Opportunity

When you give to Mile High United Way, you can take advantage of tax credit programs that enable you to give more, receive something in return and possibly multiply your gift in the process.

View all Mile High United Way Partner Agencies Eligible for State Tax Credits

The Options

You have two tax credit programs to choose from:

Denver Enterprise Zone (DEZ)

Help increase the economic viability of individuals and families in metro Denver through the DEZ.

  • Gift of $250 or more
  • Directed to a DEZ program or agency
  • Eligible for 25% tax credit on state income tax
  • Tax credits for gifts of stock
  • Tax credits associated with any DEZ project may only be taken if the donor files electronically and provides Mile High United Way with their Colorado Account Number (Letter ID)

Child Care Contribution Credit (CCCC)

Help increase the quality and availability of child care in metro Denver through the CCCC.

  • Gift of $250 or more
  • Directed to a CCCC program or agency
  • Eligible for 50% tax credit on state income tax
  • In 2014, tax credits can be claimed at 3/4ths of accrued credit
  • In 2015, all accrued credits may be used

View the Child Care Contribution Credit report.


  • Tax credit donations must be a minimum of $250 per qualifying progam or agency.
  • If giving a gift of stock, please contact your Mile High United Way Donor Relations representative at 303-433-8383.
  • All donations should include a pledge form showing DEZ or CCCC program or agency selection.
  • Donations and pledge forms may be given to your company campaign leader or mailed to: 
    Mile High United Way
    P.O. Box 5547
    Denver, CO 80217-9425 

Benefits to You

  • Considerable tax savings.
  • Both individuals and corporations can take advantage of tax credits.
  • Excess tax credits may be carried forward for up to five years.
  • Gifts to CCCC may also bring federal matching funds to Colorado through the Child Care and Development Fund. These matching federal funds are allocated by the State to Colorado counties, based on population and need, through the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program. This federal match is only available through Mile High United Way and is not affected by tax credit availability.

How To Give

  • To have your contribution of $250 or more support tax credit qualifying programs and agencies, choose either the Child Care Contribution Credit (CCCC) to support School Readiness or Youth Success OR Denver Enterprise Zone (DEZ) to support Adult Self-Sufficiency.
  • Choose a program or agency from the lists linked at top of this page.

As with all charitable contributions, please consult with your accountant or tax specialist.

For More Information

Contact your Mile High United Way Resource Development representative by email or calling 303.561.2355.