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School Readiness

Student holds up reading medal School Readiness Colorado Reading Corps

We believe ALL children should be ready for school and reading at grade level or beyond by the end of third grade

A child’s brain develops most rapidly in her earliest years, and her experiences lay the foundation for success not only in school but also in relationship building and life as a whole. To increase kids’ chances for success, Mile High United Way's school readiness program encourages early literacy development, builds kindergarten readiness skills and works to make sure every child enters school ready to learn.. 

Being “ready to learn” means a child has had enriching experiences to help their sensory, language and cognitive development so when they enter kindergarten, they have the tools needed to develop their reading skills. When children enter school ready to learn, the better chance they will have to be reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade.

We’re taking the following steps to ensure these opportunities exist:

  • Investing in and partnering with the most effective early childhood agencies in metro Denver
  • Advocating at the State Capitol for the policy and systems-level changes needed to uphold our obligations to our state’s youngest residents and their families
  • Convening the leading voices in early childhood to move forward the conversations about the field’s pressing issues
  • Mobilizing corporations, their workforce and community members to get involved in social change by 
  • Volunteering to read, tutor, mentor children in schools through our school partners program
  • Proving what works by improving early literacy outcomes through our research-oriented, evidence-based  Early Literacy Social Innovation Fund
  • Evaluating all of the above by asking the right questions, collecting the right data, and honestly assessing how we are doing and how we can do better moving forward

Learn more about the Mile High United Way programs that support the School Readiness Initiative:

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Social Innovation Fund (SIF)

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