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Giving Children a Strong Start

Kids in lunch room eating and smiling

Did you know that 80% of brain development takes place before the age of five? This means that the experiences kids have before they even enter the school system can determine their ability to succeed for the rest of their lives. Access to quality preschool not only improves young children’s health and promotes their development and learning, it’s essential to establishing the foundation upon which a life of learning is built.

Mile High United Way believes that every child in our community should have a safe and stimulating place to learn and grow. We provide parents and caregivers with the training and tools to create an environment of learning in the home. We also work with communities to provide spaces where young children can have a safe, nurturing environment to learn and grow, together. Our end game is to ensure every child who enters kindergarten in Metro Denver arrives with a foundation that will make him or her ready, willing, and able to learn.

Learn more about how Mile High United Way is Giving Children a Strong Start.

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