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Thank you for joining Mile High United Way in our work to build a stronger Metro Denver.

Thank you for taking on the role as campaign chair for your company. As campaign chair, you are the voice of Mile High United Way within your workplace. We know it’s a lot of work, but your effort and energy are greatly appreciated by those we serve.  Please know that at EVERY step of the way, the Mile High United Way team is here to support you, no question or request is too big or too small.

What to Expect as a Campaign Chair

Aside from being an awesome steward of Mile High United Way and the community, there are tons of fun and exciting activities you'll be doing while managing your workplace campaign. The best events and activities will educate employees about the important work of Mile High United Way and inspire excitement and enthusiasm to get your coworkers motivated to make a difference in the community. Having trouble thinking of ideas? No worries, our team is here to support!

As campaign chair, here are a few things to note:

  1. Have fun. Your workplace campaign is designed to show people that giving back to the community can also be pretty fun! Come up with games and activities to get your friends and coworkers moving.
  2. We have your back. Whatever you need, contact your Resource Development Lead.
  3. Your team has your back. You'll be building a committee of enthusiastic employees who can help brainstorm ways to make giving fun – and perhaps even a little competitive.
  4. Be a voice in your company. As the campaign leader, coworkers will come to you with questions about Mile High United Way and the campaign. Learn the lingo and be prepared.
  5. Set a goal – and break it. Set a goal that is challenging, yet attainable. That way, it will feel so much better when you knock that goal out of the park.

So now you're probably asking yourself, "Okay, so how do I get started?" We've put together an easy-to-use Campaign Manager Handbook to walk you through everything you need to know about implementing a workplace campaign and a year-round partnership with Mile High United Way.

In the Downloads section below, we recommend downloading the entire toolkit, which includes the handbook, printed materials, social media posts, and email templates – everything you need to run a successful campaign. Of course, if there is something you need, that isn’t included, don’t hesitate to ask! 

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