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Helping Ensure a Strong Start for All Children

Councilman Brooks and 211 Specialist Help Caller

Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center was available when a mother and her children became homeless and needed a place to turn. The family was living in a weekly-rate motel while the children attended Mile High United Way partner Mile High Montessori Early Learning Centers during the day. Then the father was deported, and their situation became more complicated.

When Mile High Montessori Family and Community Advocate learned of the family’s situation, she began with their immediate crisis: homelessness. For families facing legal status obstacles, affordable housing options are more limited, and the sea of resources is difficult to navigate. A call to Mile High United Way 2-1-1 helped them find a place with hot running water and a playground on site. The mother is happy her children have more safety and stability.

Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center is a free, confidential referral service that connects people with resources for food, clothing, child care, tax assistance, and other community resources. Because of donors like you, social workers, family advocates, and child care centers around Metro Denver have a reliable place to refer families in need of resources to ensure that children have a strong, stable start.

Our 2-1-1 Help Center helped the family and our partner organization fund resources for their most pressing need – a safe home.

Because of you, more families around Metro Denver have the tools they need to be successful. By bringing best-in-field organizations together, Mile High United Way is able to achieve a stronger start for all children.Your Child Care Contribution Credit donation makes this possible.

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