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Equipped With the Tools to Succeed

Cristavin is an energetic and sweet 2-year-old who will start pre-school excited to learn and equipped with the skills to succeed. Last year, Cristavin’s mother, Lala, needed to find quality childcare. For most parents, tackling the childcare maze is daunting. For parents like Lala, a former foster youth and a young mother who is still building her foundation, the options can seem even more complicated.

Because of your support, parents like Lala can speak to an expert in Colorado’s quality childcare options using Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center, as well as searching online for high quality centers that accept state support.

Today, Cristavin loves going to school at one of Denver’s highly rated early childcare centers supported by Mile High United Way; Lala is taking advantage of classes that help parents support their children’s learning. Your support is finding more low-cost spots at high quality centers and parent education classes to help all parents. When it comes time for Cristavin to go to Kindergarten, his childcare center will help find the right place for him. In Denver County, there are only childcare spots for less than 50 percent of children younger than age 6. Mile High United Way and supporters like you are ensuring that we provide care for as many children as possible. Last year, Mile High United Way invested in 46 organizations and child care sites eligible for Child Care Tax Credit funds. 36,241 children and their families were served by these programs; ensuring that not only are kids receiving quality education to prepare them for success in school but that families like Cristavin’s are learning how to better support their growth.

Your support through the Child Care Contribution Credit tax program has made a difference helping children just like Cristavin get ready to succeed in school and read at grade level by the end of third grade, when children must make the critical leap from learning to read to reading to learn. It supports parents like Lala, seeking to give her son the best education early on and supports the staff at quality early childhood education centers.

Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED!

Learn more about how to give back to Mile High United Way and the community by utilizing tax credits.