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Diana Romero-Campbell Named Exceptional Emerging Leader

Diana Romero-Campbell Mile High United Way

Exchange magazine recently named Diana Romero-Campbell, Mile High United Way’s Director of School Readiness, as an Exceptional Emerging Leader in Early Childhood Education across the globe. As a native of Colorado, a graduate of Denver Public Schools and mother to a 7th grader and a high school sophomore in Denver Public Schools, she is passionate about ensuring that all children in Metro Denver have access to the resources they need to start school ready to learn and thrive. 

Diana has 20 years of nonprofit experience and is a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Honduras. She’s currently a doctoral candidate in Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Denver Morgridge College of Education, with anticipated graduation later this year. As Director of School Readiness, Diana is responsible for the investments of more than 30 School Readiness Impact Investment Partners across the five county footprint of Mile High United Way. 

“One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my work at Mile High United Way is convening community stakeholders in the FFN (Family, Friend and Neighbor) Learning Community,” Diana says. “Working with volunteers, committed community members and organizations takes a different level of leadership to maintain good communication, respect all voices at the table, provide direction, and most importantly move groups in a collaborative manner to action and results. We are breaking new ground daily on an issue that has not been discussed openly. 

“I will continue to convene community stakeholders around issues of early childhood systems development combined with a two-generation approach of engaging family and community caregivers. This is changing current thinking in Colorado about what school readiness for all truly means. This is the social justice issue of the early childhood community. Through this process I have found a voice emerge, not a new voice, but a voice that is stronger and focused. I think every day, on whose shoulders I stand, this work inspires me to think of how I become the shoulders to stand on.”

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