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Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

Woman on telephone

Jennifer, a kind-spirited and hardworking woman, found herself in an unexpected bind when her family became financially unstable for the first time. While ‘tis’ the season’ was on most people’s mind this past holiday season, Jennifer was kept up at night by the cold weather, an eviction notice and her family’s fight for survival.

Jennifer’s family experienced difficult times before but had always been able to endure through them. A strong wife and mother, she did not want to seek help from an outside resource, but for the first time, she realized she could not overcome this obstacle alone. “This was a one-time, emergency situation” she said, and being employed by one of Mile High United Way’s partner agencies, Jennifer knew to call 2-1-1 when she needed support. “2-1-1 provided me with two agencies to call and I received assistance from both. Society of St. Vincent de Paul and The Douglas/Elbert Task Force each contributed $250 towards my rent.” 

These contributions and the collective impact of multiple resources not only kept an entire family off the streets, but gave them a reason to be jolly again. After overcoming this distressing dilemma, Jennifer’s family was truly grateful, and said that 2-1-1 is “definitely a great resource to call.” Had Jennifer not called 2-1-1 for help, she and her family would have been evicted from their home.

She’s not alone, last year over 114,000 people called 2-1-1 for help with vital services such as rent, food, shelter, disaster recovery assistance and more. Mile High United Way partners with around 1,500 agencies to provide information on more than 4,500 services in the Denver Metro area through 2-1-1.

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