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Why shouldn’t I give directly to my favorite nonprofit?

Why shouldn’t I give directly to my favorite nonprofit?


When you donate to Mile High United Way, we will draw on our expertise and partnerships to make sure your investment has the greatest impact, and we will measure that impact in lives changed. 

We know that there are hundreds of nonprofit organizations in Metro Denver, doing great work in the community. In fact, we partner with many of them. What makes us unique is that we are addressing the big, complex issues facing children and families– at the source. Founded nearly 130 years ago, we have a deep understanding of the community’s issues so today, we are uniting people and organizations across the Metro Denver to help solve them, for the long-term. 
Your direct contribution to the Mile High United Way’s Community Impact Fund leverages donations so that your gift will have the most impact on our community. 

Mile High United Way fully supports philanthropic giving, so if you choose to donate to another nonprofit, we will pass along your donation.

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