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Morgan's 2-1-1 Success Story

Photo of Morgan and Her Daughter

One Mom's Road to Financial Stability

Morgan, a Denver resident and single mother, found herself in a precarious situation after an unexpected trip to the hospital and an abrupt end to her employment. “I didn’t think I was in jeopardy of losing my job,” said Morgan, but the company cutbacks were deeper than projected, and she was let go with just two weeks’ severance pay. Two months later, Morgan awoke in the middle of the night with a searing pain in her stomach. With the diagnosis of a serious medical condition and no health insurance, she was then faced with a massive hospital bill and no way to pay it off.

Morgan described the situation as though “it seemed like everything was beginning to fall apart.” She and her 1-year-old daughter were on the brink of eviction, and without a steady source of income, she wasn’t sure how to overcome these obstacles.

Without family in Denver to turn to, Morgan decided to call Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1, which was recommended to her by a friend. From 2-1-1, she was referred to several local resources, including Jewish Family Services, a partner of Mile High United Way for 126 years that specializes in helping adults and families reach self-sufficiency. Through their services, she received $675 for rent and utilities as well as an additional $500 toward her hospital bill.

After receiving assistance from Jewish Family Services, Morgan was able to focus on her job search and care for her young daughter. “I wouldn’t have been able to pay my rent and had no place to go,” she recalls, “I just want to say thank you to Mile High United Way and Jewish Family Services for everything they have done.” 

Morgan currently works as a nanny, which she says is getting her by, but she has not stopped searching for a new career. The help she received is just the first step she took to reach her overall goal of being financially stable.

Morgan’s story is not uncommon. Last month over 8,300 people called 2-1-1 for help with vital services such as rent, food, shelter, disaster recovery assistance and more. 

Mile High United Way partners with around 1,500 agencies to provide information on more than 4,500 services in the Denver Metro area through 2-1-1.