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Erin's 2-1-1 Success Story

A Photo of A Mother and Child at a Food Bank

2-1-1: A Reliable Resource

Erin Nelson found herself in the middle of a tough time as she was struggling to provide food for herself and her young son. In a situation where she felt hopeless and overwhelmed, a family member mentioned Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1. Recalling that time of panic, Erin explains, “I would not have known what to do if I didn’t know that number to call. I would have been lost.”

When Erin called for the first time a few years ago, she was primarily looking for food assistance. Mile High United Way was able to recommend one of its many Impact Investment Partners that focus on Adult Self-Sufficiency: The Gathering Place.

Once she got assistance for more basic needs, Erin learned that Mile High United Way was a reliable resource for much more diverse forms of support. While she initially called 2-1-1 looking for a nearby food bank, the most important call she feels that she made was concerning the well-being of her son. Fearing that he had some minor mental and behavioral issues, Erin once again sought the help of Mile High United Way.

2-1-1 connected Erin with Denver Health, a local hospital that offers “Child Health Plan Plus,” a health insurance plan for low income children and adolescents. Ever since her call concerning her son, he has shown noticeable improvements in his behavior and state of mind. She comments, “He is feeling a whole lot better and has been going to Denver Health for about two years now.”

The obstacles that Erin and her son encountered were complex and interrelated. Once she was able to find support in securing objects of basic need, food in particular, she was able to also focus on the bigger picture issues – in this case the mental health of her beloved son.

She believes that 2-1-1 was a major form of reassurance and support in her biggest time of need and would recommend Mile High Untied Way to anyone. “I see people on the streets that are in a really bad condition and I am sure to tell them about the number to call.”