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Terrence Finds Assistance Through 2-1-1

A Photo of a Quote, "Food is a human Necessity. Like air and water it should be available" by Pearl Buck

While on his way to work, Terrence’s car was struck by a drunk driver. It was 6:19 a.m. Terrence, his wife and their 3-year old son were in the car. Terrence and his wife both sustained injuries, but thankfully their son was fine. Due to his injuries, Terrence couldn’t work and lost his job. His full recovery took months.

As their resources dwindled, the family needed help putting food on the table. Thanks to a friend who had received aid, Terrence learned about Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1. He called 2-1-1 and found immediate food assistance at two local food banks: The Salvation Army and Food Bank of the Rockies. Terrence is not alone in his struggle as 1 in 7 Coloradans don’t know where their next meal will come from.

When Terrence could return to work, a 2-1-1 call specialist referred him to upcoming job fairs. He went to two, put out lots of resumes, interviewed with numerous companies and landed a job at Olive Garden. He likes his new job and is thankful to be back at work and in a position to take care of his family. Terrence recommends that anyone in need call Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1. The kind of multifaceted assistance that many people need to get back on their feet is exactly what 2-1-1 delivers.

Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Call Center is a vital part of the Adult Self-Sufficiency Initiative with programs and services aimed at providing individuals and families with the building blocks they need to achieve financial stability for a good quality of life. Last year, more than 135,000 people called 2-1-1 to find or give help. Give to support 2-1-1.