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Shared Measures for a Shared Future

Mobilize Mile High

An Indicators Report for Colorado’s Communities 

Collaboration is an essential element for nonprofits, funders, government entities and businesses to make an impact in a community, especially when they are tackling difficult and pervasive social problems like low educational achievement, poor health and poverty. 

Since 2011, Mile High United Way and The Piton Foundation have led the way in developing shared goals and measurements to report on progress in addressing those social problems. They have also connected with other organizations seeking regional indicators, such as the Denver Mayor’s Office of Children’s Affairs, The Denver Foundation and the Civic Canopy. 

This collaboration has worked to create a common framework of shared indicators in education, economic wellbeing and health to mobilize partners, community organizations and other stakeholders to take action towards changing and improving their community.

They have produced a report that provides an outline for charting the steps, process and outcome for developing similar partnerships for other organizations.

Read the report to discover what they learned

If you have other inquries about the project, please email MobilizeMileHigh@unitedwaydenver.org