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Rachel's Bridging the Gap Success Story

A single mom at age 20, Rachel prides herself in being a great mom to her two kids. But like any young mom, she needs support. Rachel aged out of the foster care system at age 18 with no family, diploma or system of support. She had heard about Mile High United Way from a friend who had taken advantage of some of our services, so she decided to come find out more.

During walk-in hours, Rachel learned about Bridging The Gap and all the services they offer youth who have aged out of the foster care system – from financial literacy classes to scholarships and living assistance. She didn’t hesitate to jump on this opportunity. Rachel signed up to get on the list for a housing voucher and for an Individual Development Account (IDA) and the financial literacy classes that come along with it. Knowing that pursuing her education would provide opportunities for her professionally, she completed an application essay for a scholarship that would allow her to complete her GED.

Bridging The Gap was able to help Rachel secure safe and stable housing for her and her two kids. Rachel became very involved with Bridging The Gap classes and events, including speaking on behalf of youth in focus groups and speaking to groups of other IDA participants. Her drive and dedication helped her earn the scholarship for her GED program, which included a bus pass that would allow her to get to class. Bridging the Gap also awarded her with a laptop and an internet connection so she could complete the work to get her degree.

Rachel’s days of stressing about her living situation are behind her, and she is on the way to success as a student and mother. She’s currently finishing her GED and is using her IDA to save money to buy a car and for a college education. Mile High United Way has made a big impact on her life, and she is taking full advantage of every opportunity to achieve her goals for herself and her children.