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Angellynne: One Call Changed Everything

Angellynne in front of LIVE UNITED wall

“When the woman answered the phone and asked how she could help me, I started to explain my situation. As soon as I started talking to her, I began to cry.” 

Meet Angellynne. Angellynne is now in safe and stable housing, which has been the key to turning her life around. Before she called Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center to find the resources she needed, she struggled with low self-esteem, addiction and homelessness. She was bouncing around from place to place with no stability, and knew that safe and stable housing was the key to her success or she would risk falling back into the same pattern.  Angellynne found life-altering assistance when she turned to Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center. 

When Angellynne turned to Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center she found hope, encouragement, and connections to resources she needed to thrive. It can be difficult to navigate challenges and get the right resources. Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center is a relief to those who don’t know where to start. 

“The resource specialist somehow managed to calm me down, and we went through the list of resources I hadn’t tried yet. I could tell she genuinely cared,” said Angellynne.

As a result of the referrals, she was able to get into safe, stable, and sober housing, and is currently living in a two-year transitional housing program. Angellynne is sharing her story because she wants to give hope to others. 

Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 Help Center helps a person in need connect with a trained specialist who can match him or her to resources. Because of you, Mile High United Way is able to connect individuals to resources like shelter, rental assistance, childcare options, and more. Last year, our 2-1-1 Help Center received more than 75,000 contacts from people in 11 Colorado counties seeking help. Our 2-1-1 database is updated daily so our team is able to provide the most accurate information available. Angellynne couldn’t believe how helpful her resource specialist was.

“Mile High United Way doesn’t have a limit like so many other places have. No matter how many times I called for help, Mile High United Way was there for me,” said Angellynne.

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