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Creating Economic Opportunity For All

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Individuals and families have their basic needs met and are afforded every opportunity to move toward economic success

Did you know that for many hardworking families in Denver, $400 a month is the difference between economic stability and financial disaster? $400 a month is the difference between success and being forced to make the impossible choices – diapers or daycare, mortgage or medicine, heat or health. How can anyone obtain financial stability if one, extra, unforeseen expense can knock them off the path to success? How do we help our families who have fallen into this precarious position?

Mile High United Way has chosen to focus on transitions through our two Centers for Family Opportunity. We give the struggling families a helping hand up the economic success ladder to ever increasing stability. This may mean moving from homelessness to a home, acquiring new skills that lead to steady employment, or building on those skills to advance to a job with a self-sufficient wage. With our support, everyone in Metro Denver has the opportunity to support themselves and their families now, and into the future.

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